Anything Cars
 was founded by Corey Smiley in 2012 based off of his interest in cars. His favorite car of all time is a 1967 Shelby GT500, but with a gearhead like himself, there are many cars trucks and vehicles that he enjoys looking at and would love to drive himself. Here you will not just find a certain kind of car i.e slammed, drift, drag etc.. Instead you will find all of these cars colliding together in this car-junky’s dream land where all cars and trucks of different shapes and sizes are shown off. Feel free to kick back, relax, and sneak some peeks at these beautiful cars!

Peter DeVita Jr: Cofounder of Anything Cars He has been around drag racing and just cars in general since before he was born. He is also one of the main photographers for the site and facebook page, while looking to get further out there in the automotive photography world. Peter’s dream car is a BN Sports kitted 240sx hatch.


What Describes Us?

New England based Automotive site gathering every car enthusiast to talk Anything about cars, whether they are show cars, race cars, slammed, whatever. We are all about Anything CARS.