TRAX Coverage

Photos & Words by: Damien Roseby


Well the time is back again for me end of the car show season for me and as normal I attended the car show finale for me which was TRAX. The show is held at world famous Silverstone circuit in the UK.



The weekend started on the Saturday due to early entry into the show and also having a show stand with northern modified it ment I would have to travel the day before and stay down Silverstone. Me and a few friends decided to head down a day later and camp. We headed down the M6 at 12 o clock Saturday afternoon hounded by roadwork’s and temporary speed limits. We arrived at the camp site roughly 5 hours later.

After a night of barbeque food and banter I went to bed ealy ready for the 6 am start which my body wasn’t going to be happy with. We made the short journey to the petrol station to jet wash the cars off while stood waiting for the car wash saw all the modified cars making way to the show quite a few calling in the petrol station as well. With the cars cleaned we were back on the road we joined the ques to the show however the staff at trax seemed to have it sorted and the queue into the show didn’t last very long and was in before 8am .

As everyone was setting up I decided to have a walk round with the sky being hazy this made the sun light was quite soft as it was looking it was going to be a very sunny day. Which makes life hard work as a photographer at cars shows. The bright sun and Harsh shadows and light plays havoc with the camera sensor and makes capturing pictures that bit more tricky.



I walked round the pits and trade stands as knowing how busy this area would be later in the day I thought I would go here first so I could get some images of cars without the general public in the way I called by the time attack pits for a catch up with my friends at Japstone racing and talked myself into a pit lane pass which would help get some track images later in the day. I then carried on walking round the pits and grabbed a few images of the club class and the pro class cars.



By this time the gates were now open to the public so decided to have a walk round the rest of the show grabbing pictures as I went along trying to find cars that stood out to me and among the vast amounts of Corsa’s, Astra’s and focus RS’s I did find a few cars to take pictures of
Next I decide I would go capture some track action the pit lane pass I had been given was going to be used for the time attack knowing that the pit lane was going to be the only un obstructed place I could get any motorsport images from the day at this time I managed to set up the camera for the club and pro classes so I could get them going down the pit straight and also pitting in for the teams to check the cars over when needing to.



Next I decided I would have a trip over to the grandstand top see what I could see of the BDC drift racing however as I have said in the past Silverstone is very un friendly when it comes to photographers so I ended up just sitting watching the drift racing from the grand stand rather than taking any pictures.




I Continued my journey around the show managing to get round all the various car clubs grabbing pictures when I could and constantly fighting with the harsh sun light which had no started to hinder my pictures and became a problem but carried on non the less





It got to about 4pm and decided to call it a day with over 800 pictures over the two cameras I knew I would have along edit session ahead of me.






























Photos & Words by: Damien Roseby


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