Honda Fest at Mohegan Sun

Photos & Words: Corey Smiley

Not often do you say you’re going to Mohegan Sun for a car show/car meet – but the other day we certainly did! With roughly 800 cars, and over 1,000 attendees, Honda Fest presented by Herb Chambers Honda – Acura of Seekonk was packed and definitely had heavy hitters killing the Honda game.

We know there are a ton of Honda enthusiasts out there, and this show definitely showed it. People came out from New Jersey, New York, and more! IMG_8667 IMG_8665 IMG_8659 IMG_8651 IMG_8649 IMG_8646 IMG_8643 IMG_8642 IMG_8639 IMG_8634 IMG_8633 IMG_8632 IMG_8631 IMG_8630 IMG_8629 IMG_8626 IMG_8625 IMG_8624 IMG_8623 IMG_8622 IMG_8621 IMG_8620 IMG_8619 IMG_8618 IMG_8617 IMG_8616 IMG_8615 IMG_8614 IMG_8613 IMG_8611 IMG_8608 IMG_8607 IMG_8606 IMG_8602 IMG_8601 IMG_8599 IMG_8598

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