Clean Culture X The New Era | OC Meet

“For our first meet of the 2014 season Clean Culture is collaborating with The New Era Meet in order to bring you the biggest event possible. Our last opener exceeded two thousand cars and three thousand viewers, this year we’re looking to topple those numbers. Awards, vendors, live music, food and competitions will take place. PASMAG magazine will cover and publish the event. – Clean Culture”

This was our first time attending the OC Meet held at Welch Beach in New York. Our day started off early leaving Rhode Island cruising down for a four-and-a-half hour drive, while getting lost in the park, finally getting a gps signal and finding the location of the meet. Although it was a little bit of trouble getting there, it was definitely worth the trip. There were many heavy hitters attending the car show, and various makes and models as well. From slammed miatas, to lifted diesels, this meet was a banger from the the first row to the end. Not only were there some sweet cars, but the food truck they had there had everyone alive with their slamming BBQ! The music, the limbo’s, the two-step contest, and all the show cars were on point, and we were glad to have gotten down there to cover the event.

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