Dubs on Defrost 7 Coverage

This is a grand opening event for the VW show season. This is a very laid back event, and is more of a huge GTG than a traditional show. Dubs on Defrost started off as a laid back VW community car show. But considering the growth of the car culture, and various makes and models of vehicles coming into the car scene, this year was a very diverse show. From old school Volkswagens, to Ford Mustangs, and slammed diesel trucks! We don’t have much to say about the show, the pictures speak for the show itself. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Photos by Corey Smiley (HI-RES PHOTOS HERE)

IMG_6281 IMG_6279 IMG_6278 IMG_6277 IMG_6276 IMG_6275 IMG_6273 IMG_6272 IMG_6269 IMG_6268 IMG_6267 IMG_6266 IMG_6265 IMG_6262 IMG_6261 IMG_6260 IMG_6259 IMG_6258 IMG_6256 IMG_6255 IMG_6254 IMG_6253 IMG_6252 IMG_6250 IMG_6249 IMG_6248 IMG_6246 IMG_6247 IMG_6245 IMG_6244 IMG_6243 IMG_6242 IMG_6241 IMG_6240 IMG_6238 IMG_6237 IMG_6236 IMG_6235 IMG_6234 IMG_6232 IMG_6231 IMG_6230 IMG_6229 IMG_6228 IMG_6227 IMG_6226 IMG_6225 IMG_6224 IMG_6223 IMG_6222 IMG_6221 IMG_6220 IMG_6219 IMG_6218 IMG_6217 IMG_6216 IMG_6215 IMG_6214 IMG_6208 IMG_6212 IMG_6207 IMG_6206 IMG_6205 IMG_6204 IMG_6202 IMG_6201 IMG_6199 IMG_6200 IMG_6198 IMG_6196 IMG_6197 IMG_6194 IMG_6193 IMG_6192 IMG_6191 IMG_6189 IMG_6187 IMG_6188 IMG_6185 IMG_6186 IMG_6184 IMG_6182 IMG_6183 IMG_6181 IMG_6180 IMG_6179 IMG_6178 IMG_6177 IMG_6175 IMG_6176 IMG_6174 IMG_6172 IMG_6171

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