Drift Day 23 – Presented by Enjuku Racing

It is a new year and a new beginning in the drift scene for Central Florida. Just a few weeks ago, CFRC (Central Florida Racing Complex) closed its doors after serving the community with a place to slide for the past few years. Word spread that drifting in Florida was going downhill.

Just like magic, a glimmer of hope shined down as the new owners of a freshly remodeled Orlando Speedworld Dragway decided the oval next door shall not go to waste. So it began, the revival of Speedworld’s high banks and a home for drifting in the area. Even better, they brought on the former manager of CFRC to help out and host events that were previously held there. Some of our locals are familiar with the oval, as it was a hot spot years ago for up and coming drivers.

Thanks to Enjuku Racing and the king of spring break, Pat Goodin, the first event kicked off January 11th – Drift Day 23. Oddly enough, about as many drivers showed up as spectators. There was everything from daily drivers just learning the sport, to our favorite hometown Pro, Pat in his 2013 Formula Drift S13 now with an SR20 while they build his new chassis for the 2014 season. I believe with the success of this event there will be much more to come and the word will spread like wildfire that drifting is alive and well! Thanks for having us out.

Photos by Devin Dees

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