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Upcoming Event!

Check out the events page for May 8th, 2013 for more info!


ADDRESS —- 280 Exeter Rd Epping, NH 03042


Nething Cars’ founder, Corey Smiley, is having an event at New England Dragway for a car show/meet and anyone who comes up can go racing too!


Planned date is May 8th, and time right now is estimated, talking to track manager still about times.


IN ORDER TO COME AND PARTICIPATE, YOU MUST PAY $10.00 WHICH GOES TOWARDS ENTERING YOUR CAR IN THE CAR SHOW(which is the main area where we will all be parking, instead of being spread around in different areas of the tracks pit’s). $10.00 PER CAR AND DRIVER



$25.00 fee at entrance.


SPECTATORS(anyone who is with you who isnt racing. If they race too, they have to pay $25.00 instead of the $10.00)

$10.00 fee at entrance.


Again, you MUST pay $12.00 to Corey Smiley in order to have a spot saved for the car show. It needs to be paid for in advance.


MUST RSVP BY APRIL! Anyone who does not RSVP/send the $12.00 to Corey (for the car show fee) will NOT be able to participate in the car show/photo shoots.


ADDRESS —- 280 Exeter Rd Epping, NH 03042


P.S. Donations are greatly appreciated!


Even if you cant go any amount of money will help us expand to wider horizons. Please help us grow to reach the elite car pages!


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